Shipping and Pickup


Pickups are at:

Makeda & Mingus - 153 N 78th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 

We will send you a note when it has arrived there for pickup.


We do offer delivery within Seattle for free with a $25 minimum 

Choose "Local Delivery in Seattle" at checkout.

We do offer delivery to Greater Seattle (MAP) for $5/$10 with some $25 minimum requirements

Other arrangements can be fine tuned by email:


How Much?

We are aware that shipping is expensive, and we offer it as a courtesy for our customers. Adult Signatures cost $6.95 (mandatory). We don't profit on shipping, and refund you any difference if the shipping estimate is more than you paid. If you paid less than it costs, by all means, order again! We ship with FedEx or with GLS when possible. 

How to Ship:

We ship in 1, 3, 6 & 12 unit boxes. Buy in those quantities for best shipment value. Fill the box. We have found that the 6 qty box is pretty much the perfect cider value/shipping cost.
We require that persons over 21 years of age sign for the delivery. Re-delivery and returns to Press Then Press are the responsibility of the customer.

Where to Ship:

We prefer to ship to where you are going to be during delivery hours. If you can send it to your work, it is more affordable to ship to a commercial address (Workplace). Residential surcharges are $5 or more.
The shipper will not leave any package unsigned for. We must have a continuous chain of custody for our product, as it is alcoholic in nature. Also, and not for nothing, but we live in Seattle, and porch thievery here is rampant.

When we Ship:

We ship out ciders from Seattle on Mondays (or Tuesdays, if a holiday and carriers are closed).

We ship on Mondays so there is less time on the truck in weather. 

Where we Ship:

We DO NOT ship to UT. We encourage you to contact your elected state officials and learning more. Also, this site has more information:


Need something faster? Want it today? Please email us at with order number or question and your contact details. We'll try our best!