Rhode Island Greening Baked Apple Slices 1 bag


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Brought to us by the Hudson Valley Apple Project, these Rhode Island Greening Single Varietal (SV) apple slices are DELICIOUS! 

The Rhode Island Greening is the quintessential cooking apple, considered unsurpassed for baking. It is one of the oldest U.S. varieties, originating in Green’s End, Rhode Island. The original tree grew on the side of Green Inn Tavern and was originally known as the “apple from Green’s Inn.” It became so popular that the original tree died as visitors to the Tavern cut scion wood from the tree to take home for their own orchards. The Greening became widely available in New York during the 18th century and by 1900 was the second most popular apple grown in New York.
While it is known as a great pie apple and excellent for drying, the Greening is also very good for eating out of hand.


100% NY Apples

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