Herout - Micro-Cuvée No. 1 - Calvados Barrel Aged 2020 (750 mL)


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About: Made as a blend of french cider apples, primarily Rouge de Canepie, fermented slow over 3+ months in french oak barrels and then aged in Calvados barrels, which reinforce the cider in alcohol and tannins. Balanced by a fruity finish. Delicious! Certified Organic. 2020 harvest year. ABV: 5.5%
Where: Normandy, France Sweetness: Semi-Dry
Flavor Notes: fresh apple juice on the nose and at first sip, with a dried apple skin and tannic finish. notes of honey dew melon and cantaloupe, pear drop, fresh rain, and twigs/apple stem.  Tannin: Medium-Plus
Acidity: Medium-minus 

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