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Great Holiday Gift! 

We've curated this special 12-pack of canned ciders, which showcases the versatility of ciders and perries without added flavors - just 100% apples or pears! Most of them lean towards the dry-side. We recommend these to new- and long-time cider drinkers alike. This kit comes with a special flat-rate shipping price of $16*! 

Ciders Included**:

1.  Far West JST B YRSLF

2. Eden Harvest Cider Peak Bloom

3. Yonder Cider Rose

4. ANXO Transcontinental

5. Goat Rock Bounty 


7. Bauman's Authentic Pub Cider 

8. Good Clean Funk 

9. Kupela Natural Basque Cider 

10. Independent Perry Sno Gem

11. Golden State Brut 

12. Herb's Cider Double Stroke


*$16 flat-rate shipping is per 12-can box. If you add any other ciders to your order, there will be additional shipping fees.

**Please note that the ciders pictured are to give a general idea of what ciders are included and are not necessarily what are included in this kit.  You will receive the 12 ciders listed above.

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