Ace Blackjack 21 - 569 mL (9% ABV) BIG BADA BOOM


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Our signature, BlackJack 21 is made each Fall to celebrate another year of cider-making.

We began making BlackJack 21 to celebrate 21 years of cider making in the Fall of 2014.

We started making cider in 1993 in Sebastopol working alongside the local Gravenstein Apple Farmers.

We have not forgotten our roots, so in an effort to bring awareness to this once abundant Sebastopol gem, we highlight the local Gravenstein in this cider each year.

ACE BlackJack 21 is unique and is much like a fine sparkling wine. Dry in finish, this cider pairs well with hearty holiday dishes such as grilled Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Squash, Stuffing, and Roast Pork. Wassail!

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