Liberty Ciderworks 55 Chain English Style (500 mL, 5% ABV)


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55 Chain is a true-to-tradition, English style cider blend of Dabinett, Chisel Jersey, and Brown's cider-specific apples, native yeast, oak barrels and lots of time. Ripe apple, quince, oak, leather and hints of butterscotch. Dry and tannic, enjoy this cider on it's own or with sharp cheddar, figs and prosciutto, smoked duck, roast vegetables, or bread and butter pudding.

Made from apples grown and hand-picked at Bishops'; Orchard, Garfield WA, 55 Chain is named in honor of the original measurement of Steptoe Butte. The chain part is a reference to the Gunter’s Chain, a measuring tool used by English surveyors for a couple hundred years (1600-1800 ish) It’s kind of a cool tool.

The chain was made up of 100 links. It’s an homage of a title for our newest English style release. We can’t wait for you to try it! 

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