Daufresne Brut Cidre 750 mL (5% ABV)


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The Daufresne Brut is a very nice cider with a healthy dose of elegance. Stylistically, it steers away from the more rustic aspects of French and Norman cider towards the more subtle fruity and spicy side. It’s an excellent cider to use for introducing neophytes to French cidre without sacrificing taste and quality. It’s also excellent if you’re mood isn’t tending towards the funkier side of Cidre when you’re looking at the shelf.

CO2 Levels: Medium sparkle.
Geography: Pays d’Auge, Normandie
Apples: Germaine, cimetière de Blangy, binet rouge, bisquet, St Martin, Noêl des champs, Président descourt, moulin à vent, mettais, rambault, and more.

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