Herout AOC Cotentin Cuvée Tradition Brut Cider 2020 750 mL (5% ABV)


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The Maison Herout AOC Cotentin Cuvée Tradition Brut Cider 2020 is an organic French cider produced in the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy.

Authentic and full-bodied
The Cuvée Tradition is distinguished by its color which is between golden yellow and orange yellow, and its fine effervescence. It offers subtle aromas on the nose with notes of butter and dried herbs. On tasting, its discreet acidity gives it a nice balance and lets express a bitterness of great freshness.

A table-ready French Cider for cheese pairings with lots of earthy nuance - like Comte and Blue Cheese. Pair with baked ham too!

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