Pierre Huet Demi-Sec AOC Pays d'Auge 750 mL (4% ABV)


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This Cidre AOP Pays D'Auge is an unpasteurized demi-sec cider from the appellation d’origine protégée in the Pays d’Auge region of Normandy. It is a traditional French cider produced using the time-honored methods required by the Pays D'Auge. The 100% pure apple juice is fermented between one to four months to achieve the perfect semi-sweet flavor before being bottled. The second fermentation occurs naturally in the bottle. 750ML bottles. 4% alc/vol.


Cidre AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) Pays d'Auge Protégée. AOP is the European Protected Designation of Origin (AOC in France). 

Tasting Notes

Golden, with flashes of orange colors. Lightly effervescent with frothy bubbles, this cider offers an aroma of ripe fruit while striking the perfect balance between semi-sweetness and sharpness. Serve chilled in white wine glasses.

Apple Varieties

Bedan, Binet Rouge, Bisquet, Fréquin Rouge, Saint Martin, Rambault, Moulin à Vent, and Mettais, among others.


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