Alpenfire Cidery (Port Townsend, WA)

Bear & Nancy Bishop and their son, Philippe, make some fabulous cider! And it clearly shows that they have the passion and love for cider.

Tapping the “I used to be in the ____ industry” - which is so common to Cider, The Bishop family has been involved in woodland firefighting for a long time. But perhaps their cider love came before that, When Nancy and Bear would sneak off to Canada to taste ciders when they were underage. 

Alpenfire Cidery says this about themselves: Making cider was our first love and we planted the orchard to be able to do that the way we wanted. Having an orchard and learning the skills needed to maintain it has become an incredibly satisfying bonus to our lives, as well as to the cider-making process.

Our apples seem to thrive with our non-interventionist approach to orchard care. While our orchard is small, so is our production. If the trees are heavy one year with bittersweet apples and the next with bitter-sharp it just gives us a way to remember the passing seasons. Every vintage tells the story of the previous year.