Alpenfire Traditional Cuvee (500 mL, 6.9% ABV)


Sale price$12.99


Flavor Profile: Look, first things first - This cider is a darn good example of apples playing well together in a dry cider. Upfront tart with light carbonation, tannins all day long, leading to a clean and dry finish with light tannic happiness.

From the Cidery:  This cider cuvée has a classic balance of traditional & heirloom apples. The apples are organically grown. Cider apples provide depth of flavor and a tannic sizzle while heirloom apples provide acidity and bright flavors. Cool fermentation, lengthy maturation and no filtration create complexity and rich body.

Pair it with: Try this well rounded orchard based cider with breads & cheese, burgers, or just about everything. She's a beaut! Did you ever get an Iron Turkey Burger at Frankie's Bohemian Cafe on Divisadero in San Francisco? It's gone now, but this cider and that turkey burger...That would be something to behold. ENHANCE!


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