Alpenfire Discovery Trail v2016 1500 mL (9% ABV) ORGANIC FRIDGE MASTER

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Cider On The Go
Winner, Cidercraft Awards Gold 2018

Flavor Profile: This is a 'bag apart' from your usual cider. A "still cider" - no carbonation added - Dry tastes and light tannins blended with refreshing acidity bring you this crisp one. A slightly pink hue and a refreshing mouthfeel. This could be your dinner beverage for 2 weeks easily and stay fresh.

From the Cidery: Full bodied and fiery, blended to be “still” with organic bittersweet and heirloom apples. Proceeds from this cider go to the Olympic Discovery Trail which will connect our home town of Port Townsend all the way out to the Pacific Coast. We have collaborated with the Peninsula Trails Coalition in support of the Olympic Discovery Trail. This traditional cider is still dry and delicious and perfect for taking with you as you explore this trail. 80% organic heirloom varietals, 20% estate organic Foxwhelp & Kingston Black

Pair this with: Hiking. Life. Brett's annual Halloween party! Clocking at 9%, and the volume equals TWO 750 mL bottles without the glass. Value and Taste! Keep one in the fridge. It lasts and lasts. 

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