Chatter Creek Cidery (Woodinville, WA)

Gordy is a very interesting fella! Musician turned wine distributor, turned cellarmaster, turned winemaker and finally cider maker!

There is a "there and back again" practicality that Cider people seem to have. Gordy has it in troves. And his ciders are fantastic. You won't be sorry.


His backstory speaks for itself:

I began making wine in the early 80’s as a home winemaker. Some of the first wine I made was from fresh apple juice purchased from the local grocery. It was great stuff to practice with, but wanting to be a “serious” winemaker, I moved on to grapes and wine-making as a vocation. Throughout the years as a professional winemaker I’ve been called on to make many types of fruit wines and mead but never made it back to apple. I started Chatter Creek Winery in 1996, making sparkling and still wines. The idea of working with apples again languished on the “that’d be fun to do” list.

A few years or so ago, after a particularly awful day of not doing winemaking at the winery, I grabbed a couple of carboys and some yeast, stopped at the store for apple juice on my way home, and the Cidery was started ~ Gordy Rawson