Cider Riot Collection (OR)

A BIG CHEERS to Abram Goldman-Armstrong: Cidermaker/Owner recently closed Cider Riot Cidery in Portland, OR.

We would rather light a candle, than curse the darkness.

Abe has been a huge pillar of the Cider scene both in Portland, the West Coast and Internationally. Cider Riot has won numerous awards and performed extremely valuable outreach and education for the cider industry as a whole. His cider will be missed.

From Abe: Our tribute to those who stand up against the status quo, 1763 commemorates the year of the Cider Riots in the English West Country, when cider lovers rose up and overthrew the nefarious Prime Minister Bute who imposed a tax on cider. 1763 is inspired by the West Country ciders that warranted such passion. Yamhill County grown Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, & Kingston Black apples lend robust tannins, and rich flavours to a cider that’s worth fighting for.

“A true farmhouse cider is historically fermented with native wild yeast that comes in with the apples, and are made following the cycles of the seasons like wine: pressed in the fall, fermented naturally and slowly, aged through the winter and spring, and bottled before the following harvest… A good dry farmhouse cider will mature, soften and change in the bottle just like wine, aging well for up to five or more years depending on the season of production, the quality of the fruit, the levels of tannin and alcohol and the skill of the cidermaker.” – Zeb Dewar

We have vintages 2014 - 2018 and a bourbon barrel aged 1763. Order one by one, or the flight!

$1 of every order/bottle of Cider Riot Cider goes directly to the SPLC.