WA Gold Cider 355 mL (5.5% ABV) CLASSIC TASTES GOLD


Quantity: 1 CAN
Sale price$2.29


Made from 100% Washington apples with no added color, flavors, or fruit concentrate.

Tasting Notes 

Bright and crisp with a touch of golden sweetness, our Golden Delicious Cider is the first flavor we’ve offered in 12 ounce cans. Let yourself be transported back to a time when classic apple varieties dotted the orchards and crisp, sweet apples were the afternoon snack of choice.

We’ve been growing the best apples in the world on our small family farm in Washington state for over 40 years. Generations have been raised under the shade of our family’s orchard, big hands and little hands working together come harvest time. Young and old selling apples out of the back of our old pickup truck. The family dog running along rows of trees heavy with fruit. And now crisp, refreshing hard cider handcrafted in our historic apple packing shed using fresh-pressed local apples.

Our family is proud to continue its rich apple tradition with Washington Gold Cider.

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