For the Love of Quince: 6-Pack of Quince Wine & Cider

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Shout-out to a couple of our friends: The Prince of Quince, and CiderChat's Mr. Quince! This bundle of quince ciders won't disappoint. Not familiar with quince? Quince is a pome fruit, similar to apples and pears, often cooked into jelly or paste (membrillo), and it makes for a delicious, highly fragrant "cider". Whether you're a quince fan or just learning what quince is, we think you'll enjoy these three tasty beverages.

Note: the Stefan Vetter and Piquenique quince wines in this pack are rare, and more expensive than most cider products. The Stefan Vetter sparkling quince wine is only available via this 6-pack. Otherwise, if you're looking for a mix of delicious quince products at a lower price point, snag this 3-pack and check out a few of the individual quince bottles we have available here. 🥂

Quince Wines & Ciders in this 6-Pack Include:

Alma Quince (500 mL) - Made from 100% organic Van Deman quince from Willowrose Bay farm on Guemes Island. Clean, crisp, and highly refreshing. 
Art + Science Quince 2020 (750 mL) - 100% quince cider, using fruit foraged from old farmsteads in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. A fragrant and flavorful drink, designed for the adventurous drinker. Barrel fermented with native yeast and aged for 10 months. 
Barmann's Cellars - Queen of the Underground (750 mL) - A mixed-fermentation blend of Quince grown on Barmann's Cellars estate orchard, and traditional cider apples and perry pears sourced from other growers in the Whatcom County community in Washington State. The quince flavor is center stage for this delicious show, with rich tannins and warming barrel flavor (fresh oak barrel) coming from the supporting cast. 

Piquenique Wine's - Quince 2021 (750 mL) - A blend of quince & apples harvested from Midnight's Farm on Lopez Island. Love natural wines and quince? This gem is for you. 

Wildcraft Ciderwork's - Elderflower Quince (500 mL) - A blend of three quince varieties grown at the  biodynamic WildCraft Orchard at Meadowview Farm. Fermented into a quince wine that is blended with Jonagold apple cider and cold-conditioned with elderflowers which compliments the fragrance of the quince nicely. 
Stefan Vetter - Quitte 2020 (750 mL) - Only available in this quince bundle as we were only able to get our hands on 3 bottles! Sparkling quince wine from beloved German wine maker. 

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