Eve's Cidery (Van Etten, NY)

Eve's Cidery is a small family farm producing naturally fermented ciders from organically-grown fruit and from wild-foraged apples and pears in the hills of Van Etten, located at the intersection of the Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau in upstate New York.

Why they ferment:

Autumn Stoscheck
“A long time ago, so long I won’t say when, I was invited to a dinner party at the gorgeous old farmhouse belonging to Peter Hoover and Peggy Haine. Peggy — a writer, real estate agent and front woman of [a local] band — cooked up a fabulous fall meal while Peter — a paleontologist, Morris dancer and libations concocter — served us selections from his extensive cellar. The ‘aha’ moment came for me when he poured a glass of Curmudgeon and Crone Golden Russet Champagne. The label, drawn by a local artist, was a playful reference to Peggy and Peter, the most interesting couple this side of the Finger Lakes. The cider tasted just like Champagne. But different. It hinted at apple and other mysteries I was too young to understand. But most of all it spoke to the Finger Lakes, the beauty of this land and of something once lost but now being revived. I was hooked. From that moment, I had to learn what the apple was capable of.”