Greenwood Cider Dry (500 mL, 7.8% ABV)


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Flavor Profile: Pours out a light translucent yellow. Just straightaway delicious, all delicious. Light crisp apple and citrus. Full mouthfeel. And my tasting notes say “Honey Good Bubble” …is that some kind of code? Likely that I was overwhelmed with the tasty!

Are you like me where you have a special part of your fridge devoted to a favorite beverage? And when it gets to a certain amount, there is a little fire drill until it is replenished? Yep, that to me is Greenwood Cider Dry. Get Some!

You wanna know if you got a good cider? Let it warm up and taste the flavor profiles develop and change. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (55° F being midpoint), though this isn't an exact science. This IS CIDER.

 Pair it with: Bacon and Eggs! Yes, really. But kinda anything. Drink your cider with food! It is delicious.


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