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Hello all! This box includes a mix of some of my longtime favorite cider makers, and some that I'm just getting to know and love. There's great balance in all of these ciders, but a few of them push toward one of the key palate experiences in cider (dryness, sweetness, acidity, tannins). You'll like them all, but once I hear which ones you love it will be fun to find you many more. Cheers!

Pssssst! There is room for 3 more 12 once cans in this box - if you're having this shipped, add a couple cans to maximize your shipping value. 

Included Ciders:

1. Snowdrift Cider Co's Red (WA) - The one that started my obsession with cider! The beautiful red hue comes from red-fleshed apples. This cider is well balanced with a tart finish that draws you right back in for another sip. 

2. Bauman’s Brown Snout (OR) - An absolute gem of a cider. Brown Snout is an english bittersweet apple variety with rich flavor, a touch of sweetness, and nice tannins. This cider was spontaneously fermented which leads to a nice tartness. Incredibly balanced, with notes of pineapple, lemon zest, fresh apple, vanilla, and honey. YUM. 

3. Greenwood Cider's Bitter Blend (WA) - Greenwood is a Seattle based cidery that thoughtfully sources their fruit from around the city and from orchards in the area. They make a wide range of ciders from traditional, to modern flavored ciders, but with everything they do the apple remains the star of the show. The star of this cider are the tannins! Dry, light body, bitter magic. 

4. Overgrown Orchard Gris Gris (IN) - I just tried this for the first time and it's killer. Aged 12 months in Calvados and Chardonnay barrels, but the heritage apple blend is still center stage.   

5. Empyrical Reciprocal (WA) - Empyrical is new to the scene and everything I've tried has been fantastic. This cider features perhaps my favorite cider apple variety, Kingston Black. Crushable sparkling cider. You'll want to try everything Empyrical makes and this is a perfect place to start. 

6. Goat Rock Bounty (CA) - From Sonoma County in California, Goat Rock makes some of the best cider you can find in cans. The fermentation was halted on this to leave a little residual sweetness, which balances wonderfully with the acid from the sharp apple varieties used in this blend. You'll never look at canned cider the same again after crushing this cider. 

7. Liberty Ciderworks Browns Apple (WA) - 100% single varietal Browns apple grown on the Palouse in Eastern Washington. Medium levels of sweetness an acid; medium plus levels of tannins, body, and finish. Delicious apple flavor with oak and berry notes.  

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