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Hello! I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite ciders in the shop right now. For my picks, I chose a variety of ciders that showcase how versatile cider (and perry) can be without adding other fruit or botanicals. Enjoy!

Pssssst! There is room for 3 more 12 once cans in this box - if you're having this shipped, add a couple cans to maximize your shipping value. 

Ciders Included:

1. Alma Cider Rose (WA)- The beautiful pink hue comes from red-fleshed apples. This cider is tart and well balanced, with notes of fresh apple, lemon & lime zest, and white flower.

2. Alpenfire Spark (WA)- Alpenfire is one of my longtime favorite cidermakers out of Port-Townsend, WA. The apples shine in this sparkling cider, which is a bottle-conditioned blend of organic and estate grown apple varieties. It's quite lovely on it's own, but also pairs well with so many foods, such as pork, roasted vegetables, or even a green salad.

3. Eden Peak Bloom (VT)- One of my favorite canned ciders in stock right now. It's crisp and crushable, and pairs well with spicy food and grilled sausages - perfect for tailgating

4. Etienne Dupont Cider Bouche Brut 2020 (FR) - From Normandy, France, this is something truly special from one of the top cider makers in France. It's complex yet very approachable.

5. Liberty Ciderworks Dabinett (WA) - The Dabinett apple is a bittersweet English variety that makes some of my favorite ciders. This single-varietal cider is dry with some nice tannins on the finish. Highly recommend with cheese and charcuterie. 

6. Oliver's Classic Perry (UK) - Another favorite of mine out of the UK. Semi-sweet with great balance. Notes of baked pear, nectarine, and clove.  

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