Lassen Traditional Heirloom Blend 750 mL (9% ABV) WILD LIGHT FLOWERS

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This artisanal cider is made from a blend of some of my favorite apple varieties- King David, Newtown Pippin, Winesap, and Arkansas Black. These heirloom apples are loaded with complex aromatic flavors that make them amazing apples to press and ferment into cider. These apples were grown at two different mountain orchards- one in the volcanic soils of the foothills of Mt. Lassen just north of Chico, and the other orchard is in the Sierra Foothills in Camino. The apples were pressed during the harvest season. The cider was fermented fully dry in neutral red wine barrels with native yeasts and bottle conditioned. Wild, barrel fermented blend of heirloom apple varieties- Newtown Pippin, Winesap, Arkansas Black from Apple Hill and King David from Montgomery Creek. Rich, complex, and tannic!

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