Lassen Traditional Newtown Pippin 750 mL (8.6% ABV) FRESH WILD TASTES

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Newtown Pippin

The legendary Newtown Pippin has a long, illustrious history in our country. It was discovered growing as a seedling in Queens in New York City in the mid 1700s and is one of the oldest cultivars in the U.S. Thomas Jefferson himself proclaimed it to be a superior apple. Its rich aromatic flavor results in a complex and flavorful cider. This cider is wild fermented to complete dryness in neutral red wine barrels. Our cider is bottle conditioned, with a small amount of fresh juice added back during bottling for natural carbonation. As a result, a small amount of yeast sediment may be present in the bottom of the bottle. Being a live product, it should be refrigerated or cellared. - 8.6% ABV

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