Schramm's Mead

Ken Schramm – the  author of “The Compleat Meadmaker” and referred to by many mead-brewers as “The Godfather of Mead” is known for his fruity melomels, is a founder of the Mazer Cup and the author of the book, "The Compleat Meadmaker."

Schramm's insists on using spectacular honey, and that can get a little spendy. They use a lot of fruit, and all of the fruit meads are made with real fruit. The cysers are made with apple cider, but that is always 100 percent pressed fruit. They generally use only enough water to dissolve the honey.

More than 50 percent of the volume of the must is fruit, but the density of honey means that most of the fermentable sugar comes from the honey. Some of the meads are crafted with more than 10 pounds of fruit per finished gallon of mead. That is very expensive. It makes the style and profile of meads that we enjoy and want to share with the world.

Schramm's mead is widely considered to be among the absolute best mead on the planet. In fact if you check out the overall top rated breweries on Untappd, Schramm's usually sits at #1 or #2 depending on the week. Their mastery of contemporary, richly-flavored, fruit and spice infused mead would be enough on it's own; but they also happen to share our values of product quality, diversity, and small independently-owned business partnerships.