Sea Cider Prohibition (750 mL, 12.5% ABV) (a.k.a. Rum Runner)


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This is known as 'Rum Runner' in Canada, but cannot be called that in the USA.

Prohibition – Barrel Series


2019 Bronze – GLINTCAP – Wood Aged Cider

2018 Gold Medal – GLINTCAP – Wood Aged Cider
2018 Bronze Medal – Taste BC Awards

Crafted with home-grown heritage apples, Rumrunner Prohibition’s apples are hand-pressed using our traditional rack and cloth press, slowly fermented with Champagne yeast, then aged in rum-soaked bourbon barrels for a minimum of six months. Aromas of brown sugar and rum show the complexity of this semi-dry sparkling cider. Delicious cold, or mulled and heated with butter, Rumrunner Prohibition pairs well with steak, Caribbean and Moroccan food.

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