Stone Circle Cider Company (Estacada, OR)

When we were sourcing the first ciders we wanted to feature my wife said to me, “Make sure we are getting one with FUNK!” Well, we got 3!

These ciders have tannins, enough acidity to pair with any food, and a charming fruitiness. Old world stylings from the new world!

John and Dan from Stone Circle Cider are brothers-in-law who share a passion for cider. And that passion comes through in their bottles! 

From the Cidery: 

We own a 36 acre farm, just outside of Estacada, Oregon. It's a beautiful property that offers lovely views of the Willamette Valley and Coastal Range Mountains. The farm had been exclusively Christmas trees, but we began the transition to heirloom variety cider apples in the winter of 2015. We've continued to transition more and more space into cider apples every year since.

Terrific story about the cidery and founders here: