Alpenfire 3 Pommes - 750 mL (6.9 % ABV) APPLES PEARS QUINCE

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Sparkling Cider
Flavor Profile: Round all around the mouth. Wow. These delicious fruits make an excellent cider. 

From The Cidery:

Varietals | Muscadet de Dieppe*, Dolgo Crab*, Vilberie*, Dabinett*, Pink Pearl*, Bosc Pears, Hendre Huffcap Pear*, Romanian Pear*, Quince
{* signifies estate pomme fruit}

Process | The early fruit, pears, crab apples and quince are hand pressed, macerated, and fermented together in stainless.  The late season Muscadet De Dieppe and Vilberie are pressed and fermented together before blending with the early fruit for aging. ~Bottle Conditioned

Alpenfire's 3 Pommes, an expression of Estate Cider Apples, Perry Pears, Wild Pears, and Quince. Intense Flavors of traditional perry pears, floral quince, and bittersweets apples combine to make this distinctive heritage cider. Subtle acidity, petulant carbonation create a sizzle on the tongue, while the pears lingering sweetness and the astringency of bittersweet apples balance everything out.

Pair it with: I think this is my new favorite. Good Golly. I enjoyed it with some awesome food from Chef Liao in the Greenwood/Phinney neighborhood. I'd do that again.

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