Chatter Creek Pilot Project 500 mL ( 6.9%ABV) GOLDEN BRIGHT DELIGHT

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Heritage Apple Blend, Golden Cider

Flavor profile:  Pouring out of the glass with a pilsner color with great bubbles, aromas of tannin and rich apple spice. The taste (as Lara describes it) is “like diving off a huge juicy apple and plunging into a cool pool in the woods”. Semi dry front, matching the smell which I find quite pleasing. The end finishes in a lovely fadeaway. Smooth jazz. Repeat.

From the Cidery: Chatter Creek's Pilot Project is a great example of the winemaker's art of blending applied to fine cider. We use a select mix of bittersweet cider apples (Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey) and sharp apples to create a cider that has the perfect balance of brightness, body and finish. To preserve all the aroma and flavor developed over a cold and slow fermentation, we do not filter this cider. The deep golden hue is a hallmark of the tannins from the bittersweet apples that deliver a slight untamed character to the nose.

Pair this with: Enjoy Pilot Project with smoked cheese, sauced pastas and/or an herbed roasted chicken or a cool pool in the woods!

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