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Join the Greenwood Cider Club if you are having it delivered out of WA State!

Mix and Match your bottles. Exclusives too! You can pick, or we can choose for you. It's a win either way.

New Releases Every Quarter

Get first access to exclusive bottles including seasonal, heritage, and barrel-aged releases.

This quarters special releases:

Hollandberry Admirable - 7.5% - The apple that started it all! Documented in 1912 as part of the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection, we’ve picked this forgotten variety every year since the beginning of Greenwood Cider. This single varietal is semi-dry with notes of chamomile and honey and a grassy finish.

Heritage Mead - This cider/session mead hybrid blends a session mead made from Pacific Northwest clover honey with a tannic heritage cider made from bittersharp and bittersweet apples. Off-dry and lightly floral with a honey aroma and a dry apple finish.

Barrel-Aged Rosybloom - 11.0% - Little Rosybloom, also known as Crimson Gold, is an American pollinator variety that packs a punch when used for cider. We took it a step further and aged this single-varietal for six months in bourbon barrels. Very tart with bourbon on the nose and a funky wood finish.

Sapling (3 bottles), 5% off 
Second Growth (6 bottles), 10% off
Old Growth (12 bottles), 15% off
Put this in your cart and check out - maybe get some other ciders too? and we will be in touch to figure out your selections. We build a cart for you, and apply your special discount!
Ships every quarter, no obligation to continue (Just like our whole store, although we want you to always have the cider you want!)

Unfiltered cider made the hard way

Founded in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle in 2015, we turn waste into resource by making cider from forgotten and foraged fruits picked from around the city and deep within the Pacific Northwest forest. That approach continues today. In addition to the more standard Washington apples, we use apples from local farms, small homesteads, and abandoned orchards. We press and produce everything in the city, keeping our hands on the process from start to finish and the cider as local as possible. It's an uncompromising blend of modern tastes and traditional cidermaking.

* - we charge a $1 for checkout. it's no scam or gimmick, It is there to help us sort out if someone wants a club shipment. We refund it to you, whether you want to join the club or decide not to. 

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