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We need to make room for more inventory coming in. 

With this special offer, you'll receive six different 4-packs of the below listed ciders (for a total of 24-ciders). Great for hosting get togethers or for keeping a stash of cider on hand!

What you receive will depend on current stock at the time of order, but feel free to note any preferences when you order, and we will fulfill them as stock allows.

Bauman's Fresh Hop Cider 16 oz
Far West Cider Art Series #1 Chonnessey Bowie 12 oz
Bull Run Cherry Blush Cider 16 oz
Kupela Natural Basque Cider 12 oz
Good Clean Funk 12 oz
Apple Blossom Buzz 12 oz
Wildcraft Sage 12 oz
Golden State Jamaica 16 oz
Golden State Mighty Dry 16 oz
101 Cider Classic 16 oz
Yonder Cider Semi-Sweet 16 oz
Seattle Cider Tangerine Turmeric 16 oz
Seattle Cider Dry 16 oz
Moonlight Little Apples 16 oz
Schilling Excelsior Imperial 12 oz
Ace Blackjack 21 - 20 oz
2 Towns Made Marion 12 oz
2 Towns Bright Cider 12 oz
Anthem Cherry 12 oz
Portland Cider Peach Berry 12 oz
Portland Cider Kinda Dry 12 oz
Independent Perry Lavender 12 oz
Independent Perry SNO GEM 12 oz


Some notes: 

  • Approximate retail value is $90. 
  • Free pickup next week at Makeda & Mingus in the Seattle area, or delivered when we do our delivery run (about every 2 weeks.)
  • Shipping elsewhere? Shipping this many cans is tricky, but we'll make something work! Shopify will charge you $40 S&H. Exact costs will vary, and we'll refund you the difference as soon as your order is processed. If shipping costs more than $40, lucky you! Shipping getting in the way of you ordering this? E-Mail us at main@pressthenpress.com 

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