Alma Cider (Skagit Valley, WA)

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Alma Dry 500 mL (6.2% ABV)
Alma Wood Aged 500 mL (5.7% ABV)
Alma Semi Sweet 500 mL (6.2% ABV)
Alma Hopped 500 mL (6.2% ABV)
Alma Rosé 500 mL (7% ABV)Alma Rosé 500 mL (7% ABV)
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Five bottles and one can of cider from: Etienne Dupont, Alpenfire, Oliver's, Eden, Liberty Ciderworks, and Alma Cider. Apple sitting on top of the Eden cider can.
Storie's Hello Kit
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Alma Quince 500 mL (5.6% ABV)
Alma Perry 500 mL (6.1% ABV)
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3 bottles of Alma Cider and one Arlie Red-Fleshed apple in a bed of fallen leaves
Alma Cider 3-Pack
Sale price$29.99 Regular price$34.97

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