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    Farmstead Cider was founded because the many decorative crab apple trees growing in backyards around their community were becoming a problem. The apples on the ground would ferment and attract wildlife of all kinds to feast on these sweet treats (See Grizzly Times for more info)Unfortunately, when someone steps out of their front door and sees a bear munching away on boozy apples, that can lead to a major problem for both the person and the bear. If a bear realizes there are reliable food sources in residential neighborhoods, they can become “problem bears” and are either relocated or destroyed by wildlife officials. Wildlife deaths because of conflicts with humans are preventable. Farmstead's solution? Remove the apples!

    Farmstead Cider started with a grant to remove the apples from as many properties as they could, resulting in a reduction in bear/human conflicts in those areas. Then they discovered how wonderful many of those high-altitude crab apples are for making hard cider and Farmstead Cider was born. Farmstead now harvests apples all around Jackson Hole, helping to protect wildlife and apple trees while making small-batch hard ciders that reflect their wild home.

    Farmstead ciders are fermented to dry using wild yeasts and no added sulfites.

    To learn more about Farmstead Cider, visit their website, facebook, or instagram. Check out this great Q&A that Farmstead did with Cider Culture. Or listen to this episode of Ciderchat featuring Farmstead Cider

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