Snowdrift Cider (East Wenatchee, WA)

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Six bottles of cider, including Liberty, Overgrown Orchard, Empyrical, Snowdrift, Greenwood Cider, and Bauman's Cider, and one can of cider from Goat Rock Cider with an apple sitting on top
Erik's Hello Kit
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Two bottles of cider from Snowdrift and Alpenfire. One bottle of pommeau from Dragon's Head. Five apples stacked between bottles.
Happy Holidays Cider Kit
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Snowdrift Orchard Select 750 mL (7.1% ABV)Snowdrift Orchard Select 750 mL (7.1% ABV)
Snowdrift Cornice Cider 500 mL (7.4% ABV)

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