Finnriver Cider - Fire Barrel (750 mL)


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Style: Bittersweet Barrel-aged

Sweetness: Semi-dry

Alcohol Percentage: 9.5% abv

Bottle Volume: 750 ml

Vintage: 2020

Release Date: 2020


Vaporous woody spice leads the nose into a caramel cream soda with a light and gently acid mid-palate followed with the classic bittersweet apple tannin closure- bitter, leather, astringent, with a phenolic outbreath..


2022 Silver Medal at Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition

2022 Silver Medal at Portland International Cider Cup 

2018 Silver Medal in Heritage Apple, SIP Northwest

2017 Gold Medal in Wood-Aged cider, Glintcap

2017 Silver Medal, Portland International Cider Cup

2017 Bronze in Best Oak-Aged, SIP Northwest


100% Finnriver Orchard organically grown cider apples such as Chisel Jersey, Brown Snout, Harry Master’s Jersey, Medaille d’Or, Frequin Rouge, Nehou and Yarlington Mill.


This cider is fermented slowly through the winter. Cool temperatures allow for development of robust esters. The apples themselves are potent with tannins/polyphenols and they bring a depth and quality to this ferment different from the others in our cidery. The notes of leather, and dark fruit, and spicy heat are archetypal of these varieties of apples. When met with the rounding influence of the oak barrels the cider finds balance and shape. Melding with the warm and caramel whiskey notes. Aged from December to May in barrels. 


After chilling, allow the cider to warm slightly and serve; we favor Fire Barrel in a Belgianstyle tulip glass. Try it with roasted pork, cured meats, smoked cheeses or any other hearty, savory fare.

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